Finally a use for some of the Atchison Street Railway rail

Back in August 2017, I managed to acquire some rail from the car barn of the Atchison Street Railway (See “A bit of Atchison railroad history saved”). I ended that post with the observation “now that I have a trailer full of “history”, the question becomes what to do with it!”. It took over a year, but in December 2018 I finally found a use for some of the rail.

Back in May, I built a pushcart for the Doniphan County Narrow Gauge Railway. Traditionally railroads tended to store items such as pushcarts on short sections of track set perpendicular to the main track. I found a spot where such a track would fit and used two 11-foot lengths of the Atchison rail to build a storage track for the pushcart.  That leaves about 80’ of rather decrepit, bent and rusted through rail still looking for a use……


The completed pushcart track, complete with its intended resident. December 15, 2018.
A close up of the rust passing as rail in the pushcart track. A year out in the elements has caused much of the scale and concrete to flake off, exposing the rail encased within. In places, the base of the rail has rusted almost entirely away. December 15, 2018.
Another view of the pushcart track. December 15, 2018.

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